Tunable delay line with interacting whispering-gallery-mode resonators.


We theoretically study a parallel configuration of two interacting whispering-gallery-mode optical resonators and show a narrowband modal structure as a basis for a widely tunable delay line. For the optimum coupling configuration the system can possess an unusually narrow spectral feature with a much narrower bandwidth than the loaded bandwidth of each individual resonator. The effect has a direct analogy with the phenomenon of electromagnetically induced transparency in quantum systems for which the interference of spontaneous emission results in ultranarrow resonances.

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@article{Maleki2004TunableDL, title={Tunable delay line with interacting whispering-gallery-mode resonators.}, author={Lute Maleki and Andrey Matsko and Anatoliy Savchenkov and Vladimir Ilchenko}, journal={Optics letters}, year={2004}, volume={29 6}, pages={626-8} }