Tunable bandpass filter using varactor-loaded quarter-wavelength resonator

  title={Tunable bandpass filter using varactor-loaded quarter-wavelength resonator},
  author={Fei Xiong Cheng and Xian Qi Lin and Yiyao Hu and Yong Fan},
  journal={2012 International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology (ICMMT)},
In this work, a tunable bandpass filter using quarter-wavelength resonator is studied. The resonant frequency of each resonator can be tuned by the mid-loaded varactors. The two resonators are connected by a metalized via which behaves as a lumped inductor. The via also provides DC bias for the varactors. In addition, source-load coupling is introduced to create two transmission zeros on each side of the passband to enhance stopband rejection performance. The proposed tunable filter exhibits… CONTINUE READING