Tunable asymmetric transmission of THz wave through a graphene chiral metasurface

  title={Tunable asymmetric transmission of THz wave through a graphene chiral metasurface},
  author={Junyang Zhao and Jianfa Zhang and Zhi Hong Zhu and Xiaodong Yuan and Shiqiao Qin},
  journal={Journal of Optics},
In this paper, we show numerically that the asymmetric transmission of circularly polarized waves through a graphene chiral metasurface can be observed in the THz range. The relative enantiomeric difference in the total transmission varies with the change of graphene’s Fermi level. The plasmonic excitation in the graphene metasurface is enantiomerically sensitive, which is asymmetric for opposite propagating directions. This phenomenon will deepen our understanding of light-matter interactions… 

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