Tunable and sizable band gap in silicene by surface adsorption

  title={Tunable and sizable band gap in silicene by surface adsorption},
  author={Ruge Quhe and Ruixiang Fei and Qihang Liu and Jiaxin Zheng and Hong Li and Chengyong Xu and Zeyuan Ni and Yangyang Wang and Dapeng Yu and Zhengxiang Gao and Jing Lu},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Opening a sizable band gap without degrading its high carrier mobility is as vital for silicene as for graphene to its application as a high-performance field effect transistor (FET). Our density functional theory calculations predict that a band gap is opened in silicene by single-side adsorption of alkali atom as a result of sublattice or bond symmetry breaking. The band gap size is controllable by changing the adsorption coverage, with an impressive maximum band gap up to 0.50 eV. The ab… CONTINUE READING
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