Tunable Magnetism and Half-Metallicity in Hole-Doped Monolayer GaSe.

  title={Tunable Magnetism and Half-Metallicity in Hole-Doped Monolayer GaSe.},
  author={Ting Cao and Zhenglu Li and Steven G. Louie},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={114 23},
We find, through first-principles calculations, that hole doping induces a ferromagnetic phase transition in monolayer GaSe. Upon increasing hole density, the average spin magnetic moment per carrier increases and reaches a plateau near 1.0 μB per carrier in a range of 3×10(13)/cm(2)-1×10(14)/cm(2), with the system in a half-metal state before the moment starts to descend abruptly. The predicted itinerant magnetism originates from an exchange splitting of electronic states at the top of the… CONTINUE READING
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