Tumours of the male urogenital tract: a clinicopathologic study.

  title={Tumours of the male urogenital tract: a clinicopathologic study.},
  author={Smita S Sharma and Panchanan Nath and Akanksha Srivastava and Krishna Murari Singh},
  journal={Journal of the Indian Medical Association},
  volume={92 11},
  pages={357-60, 372}
The present communication deals with the study of 388 tumours of the male urogenital tract diagnosed histopathologically during the period of 1984 to 1990. Of these 12 (3.09%) were benign and the rest 376 (96.91%) malignant. The incidence of malignant growths of male urogenital tract was 8.71% of all the malignancies or 14.19% of all cancers in males. Renal tumours constituted 10.64% of all the malignant tumours of male urogenital tract or 1.51% of all the male cancers. Morphological variants… CONTINUE READING