Tumorigenesis in mice carrying a truncating Brca1 mutation.

  title={Tumorigenesis in mice carrying a truncating Brca1 mutation.},
  author={Thomas Ludwig and Peter S. Fisher and Shridar Ganesan and A. Efstratiadis},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={15 10},
We generated mouse mutants carrying in the Brca1 locus a modification (Brca1(tr)) that eliminates the C-terminal half of the protein product and obtained results indicating that, depending on genetic background, the missing BRCT and/or other domains are dispensable for survival, but essential for tumor suppression. Most of the apparently hypomorphic Brca1(tr/tr) mutants developed various tumors. Lymphomas were detected at all ages, whereas sarcomas and carcinomas, including breast cancer… CONTINUE READING

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