Tumores neuroendócrinos gástricos e duodenal simultâneos

  title={Tumores neuroend{\'o}crinos g{\'a}stricos e duodenal simult{\^a}neos},
  author={Joana Saiote and Gonçalo Luis Monteiro Ramos and Liliana Santos and Ant{\'o}nio Mateus Dias and Teresa Bentes and Jo{\~a}o Barreiras},
Gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors are relatively rare neoplasms and usually occur singly. The probability of simultaneous occurrence of gastric and duodenal carcinoid tumors is low. The authors report a case of a 73‐year old male patient, diagnosed pernicious anemia 13 years ago, who underwent upper endoscopy for surveillance. The examination revealed atrophic gastritis and a polypoid lesion in the duodenal bulb, which was completely excised. Pathological examination revealed gastric… CONTINUE READING


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