Tumor suppressive maspin and epithelial homeostasis.

  title={Tumor suppressive maspin and epithelial homeostasis.},
  author={Jaron Lockett and Shuping Yin and Xiaohua Li and Yonghong Meng and Shijie Sheng},
  journal={Journal of cellular biochemistry},
  volume={97 4},
Maspin is a 42-kDa novel serine protease inhibitor (serpin) with multifaceted tumor suppressive activities. To date, the consensus that maspin expression predicts a better prognosis still largely holds for breast, prostate, colon, and oral squamous cancers. Interestingly, however, more detailed analyses revealed a biphasic expression pattern of maspin in early steps of tumorigenicity and re-expression of maspin in dormant cancer metastatic revertants. These data suggest a sensitivity of maspin… CONTINUE READING

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