Tumor regression caused by endotoxins and mycobacterial fractions.

  title={Tumor regression caused by endotoxins and mycobacterial fractions.},
  author={Edgar Ribi and Donald L. Granger and Kelsey C. Milner and S. M. Strain},
  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute},
  volume={55 5},
A transplantable hepatocarcinoma of guinea pigs was used as an experimental model for immunotherapy of cancer. Earlier work showed that complete regression of 6- to 7-day-old tumors could be obtained in about 60% of cases by inoculation of the tumors with live BCG or certain fractions of BCG attached to minute oil droplets and suspended in Tween-saline. One of the most essential fractions was P3, a nonsensitizing, nonantigenic trehalose mycolate related to, but not identical with, cord factor… CONTINUE READING

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