Tumor necrosis factor in alcohol enhanced endotoxin liver injury.

  title={Tumor necrosis factor in alcohol enhanced endotoxin liver injury.},
  author={R Honchel and Mukunda B. Ray and Luis S. Marsano and Donald A. Cohen and E. Lee and Steve Shedlofsky and C J Mcclain},
  journal={Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research},
  volume={16 4},
Endotoxin administration causes liver injury. Patients with alcoholic liver disease frequently have portal vein and systemic endotoxemia, and some investigators have suggested that endotoxin plays an etiologic role in alcoholic liver injury. Many of the metabolic effects of endotoxin are mediated by the cytokine tumor necrosis factor (TNF). It was the purpose of this study to determine whether TNF plays a role in ethanol-enhanced endotoxin liver injury. Rats were fed either a diet in which 36… CONTINUE READING