Tumor necrosis factor-alpha -863C/A polymorphism is associated with Guillain–Barré syndrome in Bangladesh

  title={Tumor necrosis factor-alpha -863C/A polymorphism is associated with Guillain–Barr{\'e} syndrome in Bangladesh},
  author={Israt Jahan and Rijwan Uddin Ahammad and Kaniz S Farzana and Mir Mubashir Khalid and Zhahirul Islam},
  journal={Journal of Neuroimmunology},
Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a post-infectious autoimmune polyneuropathy regulated by pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines; TNFA polymorphisms may exert immune pathogenic roles in GBS. We assessed TNFA promoter region polymorphisms (-238G/A, -308G/A, -857C/T, -863C/A) in Bangladeshi patients with GBS (n=300) and healthy controls (n=300) by PCR-RFLP and ASO-PCR. TNFA -863CA was significantly associated with GBS disease susceptibility (P=0.0154) and disease severity (P=0.0492). TNFA -238A… CONTINUE READING