Tumor microenvironment-associated modifications of alternative splicing.

  title={Tumor microenvironment-associated modifications of alternative splicing.},
  author={Jean-Philippe Brosseau and Jean-François Lucier and Hanad Nwilati and Philippe Thibault and Daniel Garneau and Daniel Gendron and Mathieu Durand and Sonia Couture and Elvy Lapointe and Panagiotis Prinos and Roscoe Klinck and Jean-Pierre Perreault and Benoit Chabot and Sherif Abou-Elela},
  volume={20 2},
Pre-mRNA alternative splicing is modified in cancer, but the origin and specificity of these changes remain unclear. Here, we probed ovarian tumors to identify cancer-associated splicing isoforms and define the mechanism by which splicing is modified in cancer cells. Using high-throughput quantitative PCR, we monitored the expression of splice variants in laser-dissected tissues from ovarian tumors. Surprisingly, changes in alternative splicing were not limited to the tumor tissues but were… CONTINUE READING
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