Tumor microenvironment and the response to anticancer therapy.

  title={Tumor microenvironment and the response to anticancer therapy.},
  author={Janice M. Y. Brown},
  journal={Cancer biology & therapy},
  volume={1 5},
Human solid tumors are invariably less well oxygenated than normal tissues. This leads to resistance to radiotherapy and anticancer chemotherapy, as well as predisposing for increased tumor metastases. Prolonged hypoxia of the tumor tissue also leads to necrosis, and necrotic regions are also characteristic of solid tumors. These two characteristics-hypoxia and necrosis-represent clear differences between tumors and normal tissues and are potentially exploitable in cancer treatment. This review… CONTINUE READING


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Noninvasive Imaging of Cycling Hypoxia in Head and Neck Cancer Using Intrinsic Susceptibility MRI.

Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research • 2017

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