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Tumor inhibition by titanocene complexes: Influence upon two xenografted human lung carcinomas

  title={Tumor inhibition by titanocene complexes: Influence upon two xenografted human lung carcinomas},
  author={P. Kiipf-Maier},
The influence of the organometallic complexes titanocene dichloride, titanocene dibromide, titanocene bis(hydrogenmaleinate), and titanocene bis(p-aminothiophenolate) bis(hydrochloride) on the development of a lung adenocarcinoma and a small cell lung carcinoma, both xenografted into athymic mice, was investigated in the present study. The tumors were growing s.c., and the substances administered i.p. as fivefold injections according to a Q2D x 5 (every 2 days x 5) or a Q3D x 5 schedule. In the… 

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