Tumor induction in Praomys (Mastomys) natalensis by N,N'-2,7-fluorenylenebisacetamide.

  title={Tumor induction in Praomys (Mastomys) natalensis by N,N'-2,7-fluorenylenebisacetamide.},
  author={Cornelia Hoch-Ligeti and Bendicht Peter Wagner and M K Deringer and Herbert L. Stewart},
  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute},
  volume={74 4},
Feeding N,N'-2,7-fluorenylenebisacetamide (CAS:304-28-9) at 0.025% to 15 male and 15 female mastomys considerably shortened their life-span. At death every treated mastomys had several primary tumors; untreated animals at comparable ages had none. Several mastomys with hepatoblastomas and 1 with giant cell hepatitis and a metastasizing pancreatic carcinoma are first reported here. The tumor load per animal averaged 4.0 for treated females, 2.6 for treated males, 1.5 for untreated females, and 0… CONTINUE READING