Tumor induction in B6C3F1 mice by Californium-252.

  title={Tumor induction in B6C3F1 mice by Californium-252.},
  author={Tadateru Takahashi and Hiromitsu Watanabe and Yusuke Nakagawa and Masatomo Mori and Hiromu Aoyama and Akihiro Ito},
  journal={Journal of radiation research},
  volume={29 4},
Californium 252/B6C3F1 mice/Hepatoma The tumorigenicity of 252Cf, a nuclide being used as a neutron source, was examined in B6C3F1 mice. Both sexes of mice were exposed to 252Cf at different doses of 0 (control), 12.5, 50 or 200 cGy at 6 weeks of age. They were observed for 13 months after exposure. Among the mice exposed to 200 cGy of 252Cf, hepatic tumor… CONTINUE READING