Tumor-homing peptides as tools for targeted delivery of payloads to the placenta

  title={Tumor-homing peptides as tools for targeted delivery of payloads to the placenta},
  author={Anna King and Cornelia Ndifon and Sylvia Lui and Kate Widdows and Venkata Ramana Kotamraju and Lilach Agemy and Tambet Teesalu and Jocelyn D Glazier and Francesco Cellesi and Nicola Tirelli and John D Aplin and Erkki Ruoslahti and Lynda K Harris},
  booktitle={Science Advances},
The availability of therapeutics to treat pregnancy complications is severely lacking mainly because of the risk of causing harm to the fetus. As enhancement of placental growth and function can alleviate maternal symptoms and improve fetal growth in animal models, we have developed a method for targeted delivery of payloads to the placenta. We show that the tumor-homing peptide sequences CGKRK and iRGD bind selectively to the placental surface of humans and mice and do not interfere with… CONTINUE READING
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