Tumor Viability Using Real-Time Spectral Images

  title={Tumor Viability Using Real-Time Spectral Images},
  author={Koji Asai and Yoshinobu Sumiyama and Manabu Watanabe and Katsuo Aizawa},
  journal={Surgery Today},
We observed real-time spectral images using line-scan imaging spectrography in order to evaluate tumor viability. Japanese albino rabbits, which underwent the implantation of VX2 tumor strain, were used as subcutaneous tumor models (n = 54). Photodynamic therapy (PDT) consisted of semiconductor laser irradiation of the tumorous lesion. The experimental groups consisted of a PDT group (n = 15) and a non-PDT group (control group, n = 15). The spectral images taken by a CCD camera underwent… CONTINUE READING