Tumefactive demyelinating lesions: A comprehensive review.

  title={Tumefactive demyelinating lesions: A comprehensive review.},
  author={Hussein Algahtani and Bader Hamza Shirah and Ali H. Alassiri},
  journal={Multiple sclerosis and related disorders},
Tumefactive multiple sclerosis or tumefactive demyelinating lesion (TDL) is one of the rare variants of multiple sclerosis (MS) posing a diagnostic challenge and a therapeutic enigma since it is difficult to distinguish from a true central nervous system (CNS) neoplasm or other CNS lesions on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The prevalence of TDL is estimated to be 1-3/1000 cases of MS with an annual incidence of 0.3/100,000. This could be an underestimate due to unavailability of a global MS… CONTINUE READING