Tuberculous meningitis in Denmark: a review of 50 cases

  title={Tuberculous meningitis in Denmark: a review of 50 cases},
  author={Anne-Sophie Halkj{\ae}r Christensen and Aase Bengaard Andersen and Vibeke \Ostergaard Thomsen and Peter Henrik Senten Andersen and Işik Somuncu Johansen},
  booktitle={BMC infectious diseases},
BACKGROUND Tuberculous meningitis is the most severe manifestation of extrapulmonary tuberculosis with a high mortality rate and a high rate of sequelae among survivors. The aim of this study is to assess the current epidemiology, clinical features, diagnostic procedures, treatment and outcome in patients with tuberculous meningitis in Denmark, a country with a low tuberculosis incidence. METHODS A nationwide retrospective study was conducted, comprising all patients notified with tuberculous… CONTINUE READING


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