Tuberculosis in farmed rheas (Rhea americana).

  title={Tuberculosis in farmed rheas (Rhea americana).},
  author={S. E. Sanford and A J Rehmtulla and Gaylan Josephson},
  journal={Avian diseases},
  volume={38 1},
Avian tuberculosis was diagnosed in two mature rheas on different ratite farms over a 2-year period. Both birds had died after progressively losing body condition. Caseonecrotic granulomas were scattered throughout the liver and spleen in both birds. Similar granulomas were in the lung of one bird and bilaterally in the subcutis cranial to the shoulder in the other bird. Smears of several granulomas from both rheas revealed large numbers of acid-fast bacilli. Histologically, the granulomas had… CONTINUE READING