Tuberculosis in cattle: the results of the four-area project

  title={Tuberculosis in cattle: the results of the four-area project},
  author={John M. Griffin and Simon J More and Tracy Ann Clegg and John D. Collins and Ian O'Boyle and David H Williams and Gabrielle E. Kelly and Eamon Costello and David P. Sleeman and Finbarr O'Shea and Murt Duggan and James Murphy and Desmond PT Lavin},
  booktitle={Irish veterinary journal},
: The four-area project was undertaken to further assess the impact of badger removal on the control of tuberculosis in cattle herds in Ireland. It was conducted between 1997 and 2002 in matched removal and reference areas in four counties, namely Cork, Donegal, Kilkenny and Monaghan, representing a wide range of Irish farming environments. In the removal areas, a proactive programme of badger removal was conducted, on two or three occasions each year, whereas in the reference areas, badger… CONTINUE READING