Tuberculosis in China before, during, and after the Sino-Japanese War

  title={Tuberculosis in China before, during, and after the Sino-Japanese War},
  author={J. Murray},
The second Sino-Japanese War has 2 different start dates, first 1937, and September 18, 1931, the date the Imperial Japanese Army invaded Manchuria. Furthermore, meet 2 Chinese men who played important roles in the civil war that consumed China from the 1920s to its end in 1949: Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Nationalist Army, and Mao Zedong, active member, then chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. An early key event was the Shanghai War of 1931-1932, which lasted only 33 days and the… Expand
Multiple Introductions of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Lineage 2–Beijing into Africa over centuries
The results reveal multiple introductions of L2–Beijing into Africa linked to independent bacterial populations from East-and Southeast Asia and Bayesian analyses indicate that these introductions occurred during the past 300 years, with most of these events pre-dating the antibiotic era. Expand
Multiple Introductions of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Lineage 2–Beijing Into Africa Over Centuries
Bayesian analyses indicate that the success of L2–Beijing in Africa is most likely due to its hypervirulence and high transmissibility rather than drug resistance. Expand


China's Trial by Fire: The Shanghai War of 1932
"China's Trial by Fire"presents the balanced history of how, ten years before Pearl Harbor, Japan tested modern China in a thirty-three-day war, now known as the Shanghai War of1932. Often obscuredExpand
Rising China’s Forgotten Father —The Generalissimo: Chiang Kai-shek and the Struggle for Modern China
One of the most momentous stories of the last century is China's rise from a self-satisfied, anti-modern, decaying society into a global power that promises to one day rival the United States. ChiangExpand
History of Chinese Medicine: being a Chronicle of Medical Happenings in China from Ancient Times to the Present Period
History of Chinese Medicine: being a Chronicle of Medical Happenings in China from Ancient Times to the Present Period, by Dr. Chimin Wong Dr. Wu Lien-Teh. Expand
The DOTS strategy in China: results and lessons after 10 years.
The five-point tuberculosis strategy, DOTS, 10 years after its implementation in one-half of China's population is analyzed to suggest lessons for future implementation of the DOTS strategy and to demonstrate that it is feasible to rapidly expand DOTS on a large scale. Expand
Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Taiwan.
High disease burden of TB and high resistance rates in MTB as well as inappropriateness of the current control infrastructure for TB services illustrate increasingly serious health problems from TB in Taiwan. Expand
Tuberculosis prevalence in China, 1990–2010; a longitudinal analysis of national survey data
Marked improvement in tuberculosis treatment, driven by a major shift in treatment from hospitals to the public health centres (that implemented the DOTS strategy) was largely responsible for this epidemiological effect. Expand
Habituating Individuality: The Framing of Tuberculosis and Its Material Solutions in Republican China
  • S. Lei
  • Medicine
  • Bulletin of the history of medicine
  • 2010
Focusing on so-called unhygienic habits and on the selective acceptance, abandonment, or innovation of household utensils, the author traces the process by which tuberculosis contributed to the making of the modern Chinese body by way of habituating individuality. Expand
The Mukden Incident: September 18-19, 1931
  • R. Ferrell
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1955
properties transferred to him.34 He was therefore in a very fortunate position when Swedish interest in Pifias Bay revived to the extent of a willingness to pay a reported sum of $80,000.35 If thisExpand
"The rape of Nanking : the forgotten Holocaust of world war II", Iris Chang, New York 1997 : [recenzja] / Jakub Polit.
Foreword by William C. Kirby Introduction Part I 1. The Path to Nanking 2. Six Weeks of Terror 3. The Fall of Nanking 4. Six Weeks of Horror 5. The Nanking Safety Zone Part II 6. What the World KnewExpand