Tubercular lymphadenitis - diagnostic evaluation.


Tuberculosis is one the commonest disease affecting peripheral lymph node and cervical tubercular lymphadenitis are frequently encountered in Otolaryngological practice. Three hundred fifty six (356) cases of Fine Needle Aspiration for Cytology (FNAC) positive tubercular lymphadenitis were studied from January 2006 to December 2008. FNAC positive but histopathologically negative cases were excluded from the study. Among 356 cases of FNAC positive cervical lymphadenopathy 300 cases (84.27%) were confirmed tuberculosis on histopathological examination. Remaining 50 cases (15.73%) were diagnosed as nontubercular lymphadenitis where nonspecific lymphadenitis was the commonest finding 34(9.55%) followed by metastatic carcinoma 7(1.97%), lymphoma 6(1.08%), Kikuchiz's disease 6(1.08%), Kala-Azar 2(0.56%) & Leukemia 1(0.28%). Most of the patients presented with only multiple lymph node swelling with other symptoms, such as fever 18(5.06%), pain (15.7%), tenderness 53(14.88%), weight loss 29(8.14%), anorexia 33(9.26%). Following observations are evident from this study: i) Disease is comparatively common between 12-35 years ii) Multiple matted/discrete lymph nodes are the earliest presentation iii) Multiple lymph node is the most consistent finding for clinical diagnosis. iv) Very few patients have constitutional symptoms v) Suppuration with or without abscess formation although confirms the diagnosis even then certainty is very essential. Though the evidence of cervical tuberculosis was thought to be decreasing in developing countries the real picture seems to be different. Random survey among the whole population was not done in any country rather hospital based laboratory research was made.

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