Tube decompression of the dilated colon.

  title={Tube decompression of the dilated colon.},
  author={R. Khoo and D. Rothenberger and W. Wong and J. Buls and J. Najarian},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={156 3 Pt 1},
With the technique described herein, decompression of a massively dilated colon is effectively accomplished, allowing resection to proceed safely. This method of decompression has allowed us to perform colonic resection in all patients with toxic megacolon seen in recent years. It is desirable to remove the infected and inflamed colon in such a circumstance. We have not resorted to blowhole colostomies in cases of toxic megacolon, as this leaves the colon, which is the septic source, within the… Expand
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