Tubal intramural polyps and their relationship to infertility.

  title={Tubal intramural polyps and their relationship to infertility.},
  author={Menachem P. David and D Ben-Zwi and Laureen Langer},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={35 5},
In a search for polyps in the intramural portion of the fallopian tubes, 2156 hysterosalpingograms were reviewed. In 54 cases polyps of different size and form were detected. Correlation of the findings with fertility histories and follow-up revealed that about one-half (46%) of the women with polyps did not conceive. Among both women who conceived and those who did not were women who had been treated for some other cause of infertility and also women of infertile couples who were classified as… CONTINUE READING

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