Türkiye’de İnşa Edilen Yatların İç Mekan Tasarımı Üzerine Bir Araştırma

  title={Türkiye’de İnşa Edilen Yatların İç Mekan Tasarımı {\"U}zerine Bir Araştırma},
  author={Murat Aydin and Tuğba Yilmaz Aydin},
Turkey, stands on the top of the list across the world about luxury yacht building over 24 meters in terms of overall length. Yacht sector, has economically high-income group of customers, produces high added value with subsectors that located in the country. But amount of these added-value can increase or decrease according to the design activities. Because design process can lead manufacturing activities from start to end. This situation become evident especially for custom builds yachts. In… 
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