[Tryptophan-loading in schizophrenia and endogenous depression].


In 95 schizophrenic patients, 20 endogenous depressed patients and 39 control subjects the level of plasma tryptophan was determined after oral load of L-tryptophan (50 mg/kg) in range of 3 hours. Among the groups quantitative and specially qualitative differences were observed in course of tryptophan. In the group of schizophrenic patients it is possible to exactly differentiate a subgroup with similar psycho-pathological symptomatic by means the course of tryptophan.

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@article{Kitzrow1987TryptophanloadingIS, title={[Tryptophan-loading in schizophrenia and endogenous depression].}, author={Werner Kitzrow and Ralf Uebelhack}, journal={Psychiatrie, Neurologie, und medizinische Psychologie}, year={1987}, volume={39 1}, pages={32-7} }