Tryptase-positive mast cells correlate with angiogenesis in early breast cancer patients.

  title={Tryptase-positive mast cells correlate with angiogenesis in early breast cancer patients.},
  author={Girolamo Ranieri and Michele Ammendola and Rosa Patruno and Giuseppe Celano and Francesco Alfredo Zito and Severino Montemurro and Addolorata Rella and Valentina Di Lecce and Cosmo Damiano Gadaleta and Giovanni Battista De Sarro and Domenico Ribatti},
  journal={International journal of oncology},
  volume={35 1},
Literature data indicate that mast cells (MCs) are involved in tumor angiogenesis due to the release of several pro-angiogenetic factors among which tryptase, a serine protease stored in MCs granules, is one of the most active. However, no data are available concerning the role of MCs in angiogenesis in primary human breast cancer. In this study, we have evaluated the correlations between the number of MCs positive to tryptase (MCDPT), the area occupied by MCs positive to tryptase (MCAPT) and… CONTINUE READING


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