Trypsin-SBTI interaction in reverse micelles. A slow intermicellar exchange-dependent binding.


Solubilisate exchange between reverse micelles must take place before any reaction inside reverse micelles occurs if the reactants are confined to the aqueous micellar core. When the interacting species are 2 small molecules or one small molecule and one macromolecule, it has been shown that the exchange is faster than the typical turnover of an enzymatic reaction. The study of the interaction between 2 macromolecules (trypsin and soybean trypsin inhibitor) in reverse micelles carried out in this work reveals that the exchange between these macromolecule-containing reverse micelles slows down by a thousand times and the limiting-step in the exchange, the fusion, by 10(6) times. Both reverse micellar size (omega 0 = [water]/[surfactant]) and temperature affected the rate of the fusion process. A hypothesis for the proposed active role of macromolecules in the exchange process is also given.


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@article{Bru1991TrypsinSBTIII, title={Trypsin-SBTI interaction in reverse micelles. A slow intermicellar exchange-dependent binding.}, author={Roque R Bru and Francisco Garc{\'i}a-Carmona}, journal={FEBS letters}, year={1991}, volume={282 1}, pages={170-4} }