Trypanosomes and mammalian sperm: one of a kind?

  title={Trypanosomes and mammalian sperm: one of a kind?},
  author={Michael Oberholzer and Patrick Bregy and Gabriela Marti and Mihaela Minca and Martin Peier and Thomas Johann Seebeck},
  journal={Trends in parasitology},
  volume={23 2},
Flagellar-mediated motility is an indispensable function for cell types as evolutionarily distant as mammalian sperm and kinetoplastid parasites, a large group of flagellated protozoa that includes several important human pathogens. Despite the obvious importance of flagellar motility, little is known about the signalling processes that direct the frequency and wave shape of the flagellar beat, or those that provide the motile cell with the necessary environmental cues that enable it to aim its… CONTINUE READING

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