Trypanosoma cruzi infection disrupts vinculin costameres in cardiomyocytes.

  title={Trypanosoma cruzi infection disrupts vinculin costameres in cardiomyocytes.},
  author={Tatiana G. Melo and Danielle Santos de Almeida and Maria de Nazareth S Leal de Meirelles and M{\'i}rian S. C. Pereira},
  journal={European journal of cell biology},
  volume={83 10},
Chagas' disease cardiomyopathy is an important manifestation of Trypanosoma cruzi infection, leading to cardiac dysfunction and serious arrhythmias. We have here investigated by indirect immunofluorescence assay the distribution of vinculin, a focal adhesion protein with a major role in the transmission of contraction force, during the T. cruzi-cardiomyocyte infection in vitro and in vivo. No change in vinculin distribution was observed after 24 h of infection, where control and T. cruzi… CONTINUE READING