Truth or Meaning: Ricoeur versus Frei on Biblical Narrative

  title={Truth or Meaning: Ricoeur versus Frei on Biblical Narrative},
  author={Gary David Comstock},
  journal={The Journal of Religion},
  pages={117 - 140}
  • G. Comstock
  • Published 1 April 1986
  • Philosophy
  • The Journal of Religion
Truth or meaning: Ricoeur versus Frei on biblical narrative Of the theologians and philosophers now writing on biblical narrative, Hans Frei and Paul Ricoeur are probably the most prominent. It is significant that their views converge on important issues. Both are uncomfortable with hermeneutic theories that convert the text into an abstract philosophical system, an ideal typological structure, or a mere occasion for existential decision. Frei and Ricoeur seem knit together in a common… 
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