Truth and Beauty: Aesthetics and Motivations in Science

  title={Truth and Beauty: Aesthetics and Motivations in Science},
  author={Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar},
"What a splendid book! Reading it is a joy, and for me, at least, continuing reading it became compulsive. . . . Chandrasekhar is a distinguished astrophysicist and every one of the lectures bears the hallmark of all his work: precision, thoroughness, lucidity."-Sir Hermann Bondi, "Nature" The late S. Chandrasekhar was best known for his discovery of the upper limit to the mass of a white dwarf star, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1983. He was the author of many books… 
The Beauty of Science without the Science of Beauty: Kant and the Rationalists on the Aesthetics of Cognition
abstract:Claims about the beauty of theories and explanations are often inspired by the Platonic vision that beauty will lead us to truth. By contrast, Kant’s aesthetics is commonly regarded as
The elusive synthesis : aesthetics and science
The Aesthetic Construction of Darwin's Theory D. Kohn. The Sciences and the Arts Share a Common Aesthetic R.S. Root-Bernstein. 3. Beautiful Experiments in the Life Sciences F. Holmes. 4. Abstract
Beauty in Proofs: Kant on Aesthetics in Mathematics
It is a common thought that mathematics can be not only true but also beautiful, and many of the greatest mathematicians have attached central importance to the aesthetic merit of their theorems,
Shadows of the mind - a search for the missing science of consciousness
Roger Penrose cuts a wide swathe through modern science, providing penetrating looks at everything from Turing computability and Godel's incompleteness, via Schrodinger's Cat and the Elitzur-Vaidman bomb-testing problem, to detailed microbiology.
Unity in Knowledge: Eros and the Cosmological Urge
This chapter argues that the search for knowledge is motivated by a desire to find unity in the seeming diversity of the world, as Einstein testifies. References to the beauty and elegance of
Human beings have long raised questions about the origin, nature, meaning and, more recently, the destiny of our multi-levelled universe. These lie at the heart of a new-style natural theology that
What is a Beautiful Experiment ? ( forthcoming in Erkenntnis )
This article starts an engagement on the aesthetics of experiments and offers an account for analysing how aesthetics features in the design, evaluation and reception of experiments. I identify two
Beautiful Physics: Re-vision of Aesthetic Features of Science Through the Literature Review
This study intends to reveal the aesthetic features of physics through the literature review and to give some implications for teaching the beauty of physics. Among the papers published in the
V—Aesthetics in Science: a Kantian Proposal
Can aesthetic judgements legitimately be linked to the success of scientific theories? I suggest that a satisfactory answer to this question should account for the persistent attraction that
Aesthetic Considerations in Mathematics
Drawing on some of the principles of humanistic mathematics rst outlined by Alvin White, this paper seeks to examine the way in which value judgments are implicated in the growth of the mathematics