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Trust and Political Agency

  title={Trust and Political Agency},
  author={John Dunn},
Trust is both a human passion and a modality of human action: a more or less consciously chosen policy for handling the freedom of other human agents or agencies. As a passion, a sentiment, it can be evanescent or durable. But as a modality of action it is essentially concerned with coping with uncertainty over time (Luhmann 1979: 30; Luhmann, this volume). A human passion, let us agree with David Hume, is an original existence (Hume [1739] 1911: 11, 127). Human beings can certainly affect… Expand
The Risks of Political Authority: Trust, Knowledge and Political Agency in Locke's Second Treatise
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Political trust and the enforcement of constitutional social rights
This thesis addresses the long-debated question of courts’ proper role in enforcing constitutional social rights; and it does so from a new perspective – that of political trust. Its central argumentExpand


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