Trusheimichnus New Ichnogenus From the Middle Triassic of the Germanic Basin, Southern Germany

  title={Trusheimichnus New Ichnogenus From the Middle Triassic of the Germanic Basin, Southern Germany},
  author={M. Schlirf},
  pages={249 - 254}
The proposed new ichnogenus Trusheimichnus n. ig., is a new name for forms hitherto assigned to Arenicolites. The trace fossil occurs in marine upper Middle Triassic limestones. A restudy of type material of Arenicolites franconicus Trusheim, 1934 revealed that the burrows are no U-burrows but irregular tubular structures that terminate in a small oval or bulbous chamber. Associated with the tubular structures are conical to lunate-shaped epichnial mounds. 
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