Truncated geometry on the circle

  title={Truncated geometry on the circle},
  author={E. Hekkelman},
  journal={Letters in Mathematical Physics},
  • E. Hekkelman
  • Published 27 November 2021
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  • Letters in Mathematical Physics
<jats:p>In this letter, we prove that the pure state space on the <jats:inline-formula><jats:alternatives><jats:tex-math>$$n \times n$$</jats:tex-math><mml:math xmlns:mml=""> <mml:mrow> <mml:mi>n</mml:mi> <mml:mo>×</mml:mo> <mml:mi>n</mml:mi> </mml:mrow> </mml:math></jats:alternatives></jats:inline-formula> complex Toeplitz matrices converges in the… 


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Truncated geometry on the circle
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