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Truncated cluster algebras and Feynman integrals with algebraic letters

  title={Truncated cluster algebras and Feynman integrals with algebraic letters},
  author={Song He and Zhenjie Li and Qinglin Yang},
We propose that the symbol alphabet for classes of planar, dual-conformalinvariant Feynman integrals can be obtained as truncated cluster algebras purely from their kinematics, which correspond to boundaries of (compactifications of) G+(4, n)/T for the n-particle massless kinematics. For one-, two-, three-mass-easy hexagon kinematics with n = 7, 8, 9, we find finite cluster algebras D4, D5 and D6 respectively, in accordance with previous result on alphabets of these integrals. As the main… Expand

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