Truncated Quantum Drinfeld Hecke Algebras and Hochschild Cohomology

  title={Truncated Quantum Drinfeld Hecke Algebras and Hochschild Cohomology},
  author={Lauren Grimley and Christine Uhl},
  journal={Algebras and Representation Theory},
We consider deformations of quantum exterior algebras extended by finite groups. Among these deformations are a class of algebras which we call truncated quantum Drinfeld Hecke algebras in view of their relation to classical Drinfeld Hecke algebras. We give the necessary and sufficient conditions for which these algebras occur, using Bergman’s Diamond Lemma. We compute the relevant Hochschild cohomology to make explicit the connection between Hochschild cohomology and truncated quantum Drinfeld… 
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