Trump pulls United States out of Paris climate agreement

  title={Trump pulls United States out of Paris climate agreement},
  author={Jeff Tollefson},
Exiting the Paris climate accord: Trump administration misses the rising tide.
The Trump administration will miss the rising tide of innovation and transformation of the next industrial revolution—renewable energy and zero-emission vehicles are among the best economic opportunities of the authors' time. Expand
U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement: implications for climate finance in Africa
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Decarbonizing power and transportation at the urban scale: An analysis of the Austin, Texas Community Climate Plan
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How Societies Move on? Conceptualising Societal Transition Processes and Its Implications on Climate Change Adaptation
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Carbon Emissions in the SAARC Countries with Causal Effects of FDI, Economic Growth and Other Economic Factors: Evidence from Dynamic Simultaneous Equation Models
The panel results of this study confirmed the presence of the unidirectional causal association of EG with CE and the causality of urban population (UP) and energy consumption (EC) with CE, and some policy guidelines are proposed. Expand
Animating Extinction, Performing Endurance: Feathers, Angels, and Indigenous Eco-Activism
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Nature exposure sufficiency and insufficiency: The benefits of environmental preservation.
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Global Warming, A Student Review
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