Truman defeats Dewey: The effect of campaign visits on election outcomes

  title={Truman defeats Dewey: The effect of campaign visits on election outcomes},
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Mobilization and Countermobilization: The Effect of Candidate Visits on Campaign Donations in the 2016 Presidential Election

Political scientists studying the impact of campaign visits by presidential candidates have come to conflicting conclusions on whether campaigns change voter behavior in even small ways. In this

Making Rallies Great Again: The Effects of Presidential Campaign Rallies on Voter Behavior, 2008-2016

Populism has surged around the world in recent decades. One campaign activity that may be especially important for populist leaders is holding large rallies to gain unmediated support from "the

The Mixed Effects of Candidate Visits on Campaign Donations in the 2020 Presidential Election

Assessing the effect of visits on campaign donations by presidential and vice presidential candidates in the 2020 election finds evidence that visits by Donald Trump and Kamala Harris had strong mobilizing and counter-mobilizing effects, increasing donations to both campaigns.

Intertemporal Evidence on the Strategy of Populism

Do candidates use populism to maximize the impact of political campaigns? Is the supply of populism strategic? We apply automated text analysis to all available 2016 US Presidential campaign speeches

Trump on the Trail: Assessing the Impact of Presidential Campaign Visits on Voting Behavior in the 2018 Midterm Elections

In this article, we examine the impact of President Donald Trump's visits on the campaign trail in the November 2018 midterm elections We find that President Trump's visits failed to either boost

What if Hillary Clinton Had Gone to Wisconsin? Presidential Campaign Visits and Vote Choice in the 2016 Election

Abstract Hillary Clinton’s failure to visit the key battleground state of Wisconsin in 2016 has become a popular metaphor for the alleged strategic inadequacies of her presidential campaign. Critics

Surrogate-in-Chief: Did Bill Clinton’s Campaign Visits Help (or Hurt) Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Abstract In this article, we examine the role that campaign visits by spouses and surrogates play in modern presidential campaigns. Specifically, we analyze the strategy and effectiveness of Bill

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Campaign Speeches:Evidence from the First National Speaking Tour

This paper examines the effect of campaign visits in the context of the unique onesided nationwide speaking tour by a US Presidential candidate. During the 1896 election, the Democratic candidate

‘For the Many, Not the Few’: Strategising the Campaign Trail at the 2017 UK General Election

During the 2017 general election campaign, the Conservative and Labour leaders toured the country. While Theresa May operated a conventional approach, encapsulated by limited interactions with the

Viewing the 2016 Presidential Campaign Through the Lens of Iowa Political Elites

In this chapter, I present a qualitative analysis of an original dataset collected through interviews of Iowa political elites and a survey of county party officials. After providing the reader with



What The Heck Are We Doing in Ottumwa, Anyway? Presidential Candidate Visits and Their Political Consequence

This article investigates the purpose and effects of presidential campaign visits. I recount common strategic rationales for rallies, town hall meetings, impromptu conversations, and the like, and

The Effect of TV Ads and Candidate Appearances on Statewide Presidential Votes, 1988–96

  • D. Shaw
  • Political Science
    American Political Science Review
  • 1999
Although presidential campaigns have been mythologized in literature and cinema, most theories of elections relegate them to a secondary role, presuming they have little effect on outcomes. Direct

The Mobilization of Core Supporters: Campaigns, Turnout, and Electoral Composition in United States Presidential Elections

Our objective is to investigate the relationship between presidential campaign activities and political mobilization in the states, with specific focus on the mobilization of core constituents. Using

What if We Randomize the Governor's Schedule? Evidence on Campaign Appearance Effects From a Texas Field Experiment

Candidate appearances have long been a staple of American campaigns, yet we don't know much about what happens when elites meet the masses. In 2006, we conducted a statewide field experiment

Measuring the Vice-Presidential Home State Advantage With Synthetic Controls

Measuring the effect strategic choices have on electoral outcomes is problematic, because this requires an assessment of the outcome under a counterfactual that is not observed. To overcome this

The Effectiveness of Leader Visits during the 2010 British General Election Campaign

Research Highlights and Abstract This article shows The impact of leader visits on local results in general election campaigns. The importance of party leaders in contemporary election campaigns.

Campaign Events, the Media and the Prospects of Victory: The 1992 and 1996 US Presidential Elections

Presidential campaigns are the most obvious means by which American voters receive information about candidates and issues, yet there is strong resistance to the notion that they influence

The American Campaign: U.S. Presidential Campaigns and the National Vote

Reporting data and predicting trends through the 2008 campaign, this classroom-tested volume offers again James E. Campbell's "theory of the predictable campaign," incorporating the fundamental