True emotions.


August | September 2012 Nursing for Women’s Health 347 monitor, all anxiety fades away and patients go home feeling reassured that their baby is fi ne. But on this day, I couldn’t fi nd the baby’s heartbeat nor could I feel any baby movement while placing the monitors on the mother. It’s very hard to hide the emotion of fear and dread from your face when you know the baby is dead. Th e ultrasound technician came to check for cardiac activity while the obstetrician was in surgery. One of our laborists, an obstetrician who is in-house around the clock, came in the room to counsel the patient until her obstetrician, a friend of the couple, could get there to be with them and explain the situation. As the enormity of the situation fell upon the couple and the realization hit, the tears and sadness came. Th e only nursing care required of me at that time was a hug. My tears mingled with hers and we established a bond at that moment. I had established a caring, holistic relationship with this patient and knew I would be ministering to her heart as well as her body. According to Jean Watson’s Th eory of Human Caring, these are important roles of the nurse in caring for any patient. No words were necessary. AD chose to stay to be induced and I continued her care. Normally, I would have continued working in triage the rest of the day, but with this situation I felt the patient would benefi t from the continuity of care and commitment from me, which is an important aspect of the ANA Code of Ethics. In situations like this, time doesn’t matter and our care and interventions are not hurried. Th ese parents need time and space to think, to grieve and to try to understand their baby’s death. Th e Caring Model supports and upholds the importance of spending uninterrupted caring moments with patients and I feel that it’s so much more important with patients who are facing a sad situation as a fetal demise. My sole commitment that day was taking care of this family.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1751-486X.2012.01756.x

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