Troy and Homer : towards a solution of an old mystery

  title={Troy and Homer : towards a solution of an old mystery},
  author={Joachim Latacz and Kevin Windle and Rosh Ireland},
I: TROY The old sources: a lack of authenticity The fundamental problem: was Hisarlik really once Troia/Ilios? Staging posts in a search: what was Hisarlik called in the Bronze Age? Conclusions: Troy and the empire of the Hittites The opposing side: 'Achaians' and 'Danaans' - two more names rehabilitated The result: Homer's backdrop is historical II: HOMER The basic facts Homer's Iliad and the tale of Troy The tale of Troy independent of Homer's When was the tale of Troy conceived? How did the… Expand
Making and Unmaking: The Achaean Wall and the Limits of Fictionality in Homeric Criticism
The Achaean wall is a curious object that appears in Iliad 7 only to disappear in book 12 with a vehemence that is unique in the Homeric landscape. Puzzling in every other respect, is the wall even aExpand
Troy: From Homer's Iliad to Hollywood Epic
List of Plates. Notes on Contributors. Editor's Introduction. 1 Was There a Trojan War? Troy Between Fiction and Archaeological Evidence. (Manfred O. Korfmann). 2 From Homer's Troy to Petersen'sExpand
Learning Lessons from the Trojan War: Briseis and the Theme of Force
How is it that we still today find so much power in an ancient epic poem? It seems that every generation reads the Iliad with fresh eyes. I have argued in a recent book that the significance of theExpand
Athena and telemachus
The argument of this article is that, once one tries to interpret the Homeric poems, major deities like Athena will invite allegorical readings and that, in fact, Athena in theOdyssey should be seenExpand
Homeric Warriors and Battles: Trying to Resolve Old Problems
Homeric battle descriptions have long eluded satisfactory interpretation. Major problems include the mode of fighting, the role of commoners in battle, the extraordinary duration of battles lastingExpand
Blood for the Ghosts: Wilamowitz in Oxford
This essay offers thoughts on the scholarship and legacy of Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff (1848-1931) on the centenary of his two lectures in Oxford, "Greek Historical Writing" and "Apollo." TheExpand
Homer and Troy in Ottoman Literature: An Overview
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Warrior Ants: Elite Troops in the Iliad
In the Iliad , Achilles' Myrmidons and the troops under Telamonian Ajax represent elite infantry contingents distinct from the rest of the Achaean force, specifically in their use of phalanxExpand
Divine justice and cosmic order in early Greek Epic*
  • W. Allan
  • History
  • The Journal of Hellenic Studies
  • 2006
Abstract This article examines the ethical and theological universe of the Homeric epics, and shows that the patterns of human and divine justice which they deploy are also to be found throughout theExpand
The Archaeology of Greek and Roman Troy
1. Troy in the Bronze Age 2. Troy during the Archaic Period 3. The tombs of the Granicus River Valley: the Polyxena sarcophagus 4. The tombs of the Granicus River Valley II: the child's sarcophagusExpand