Troubling notions of risk: dissensus, dissonance, and making sense of students and learning

  title={Troubling notions of risk: dissensus, dissonance, and making sense of students and learning},
  author={Walter S. Gershon},
  journal={Critical Studies in Education},
  pages={361 - 373}
  • W. Gershon
  • Published 18 September 2012
  • Education
  • Critical Studies in Education
This article troubles constructions of ‘at-risk students.’ Utilizing Rancière's discussion of dissensus, the author first argues that what is at risk are not students but contemporary common sense notions of schooling. From this perspective, students' labeled as ‘at risk’ ways of knowing and being that interrupt ideas and ideals about the purpose and function of schooling. In order to make this argument, the author links Rancière and others' discussions of the importance of dissensus to… 

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.................................................................................................................................. ix INTRODUCTION: AT RISK IN CONTEXT



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