Tropical images of intersection points

  title={Tropical images of intersection points},
  author={Ralph Morrison},
  journal={Collectanea Mathematica},
  • Ralph Morrison
  • Published 3 March 2014
  • Mathematics
  • Collectanea Mathematica
A key issue in tropical geometry is the lifting of intersection points to a non-Archimedean field. Here, we ask: where can classical intersection points of planar curves tropicalize to? An answer should have two parts: first, identifying constraints on the images of classical intersections, and, second, showing that all tropical configurations satisfying these constraints can be achieved. This paper provides the first part: images of intersection points must be linearly equivalent to the stable… 

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    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
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    Foundations for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
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Tropical mathematics redefines the rules of arithmetic by replacing addition with taking a maximum, and by replacing multiplication with addition. After briefly discussing a tropical version of

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