Tropical Polytopes and Cellular Resolutions

  title={Tropical Polytopes and Cellular Resolutions},
  author={Mike Develin and Josephine Yu},
  journal={Experimental Mathematics},
  pages={277 - 291}
Tropical polytopes are images of polytopes in an affine space over the Puiseux series field under the degree map. This viewpoint gives rise to a family of cellular resolutions of monomial ideals that generalize the hull complex of Bayer and Sturmfels [Bayer and Sturmfels 98], instances of which improve upon the hull resolution in the sense of being smaller. We also suggest a new definition of a face of a tropical polytope, which has nicer properties than previous definitions; we give examples… 
Coarse types of tropical matroid polytopes
Describing the combinatorial structure of the tropical complex $C$ of a tropical matroid polytope, we obtain a formula for the coarse types of the maximal cells of $C$. Due to the connection between
Weighted digraphs and tropical cones
Tropical and Ordinary Convexity Combined
A polytrope is a tropical polytope which at the same time is convex in the ordinary sense. A $d$-dimensional polytrope turns out to be a tropical simplex, that is, it is the tropical convex hull of
Tropical types and associated cellular resolutions
Mustafin varieties, moduli spaces and tropical geometry
Mustafin varieties are flat degenerations of projective spaces, induced by a set of lattices in a vector space over a non-archimedean field. They were introduced by Mustafin (Math USSR-Sbornik
Tropical Convex Hull Computations
This is a survey on tropical polytopes from the combinatorial point of view and with a focus on algorithms. Tropical convexity is interesting because it relates a number of combinatorial concepts
Convergent Puiseux Series and Tropical Geometry of Higher Rank
We propose to study the tropical geometry specifically arising from convergent Puiseux series in multiple indeterminates. One application is a new view on stable intersections of tropical
Approximating the Volume of Tropical Polytopes is Difficult
It is deduced that there is no approximation algorithm of factor for counting the number of integer points in tropical polytopes described by vertices, and it follows that approximating these values for tropicalpolytopes is more difficult than for classical poly topes.


Tropical Halfspaces
As a new concept tropical halfspaces are introduced to the (linear algebraic) geometry of the tropical semiring (R,min,+). This yields exterior descriptions of the tropical polytopes that were
A Complexity Bound on Faces of the Hull Complex
This paper proves that Bayer and Sturmfels' conjecture that the faces of this polyhedron are of bounded complexity in the sense that every such face is affinely isomorphic to a subpolytope of the (n – 1)-dimensional permutohedron is true, and gives a counterexample to the stronger conjecture.
Tropical convexity via cellular resolutions
The tropical convex hull of a finite set of points in tropical projective space has a natural structure of a cellular free resolution. Therefore, methods from computational commutative algebra can be
Tropical Convexity
The notions of convexity and convex polytopes are introduced in the setting of tropical geometry. Combinatorial types of tropical polytopes are shown to be in bijection with regular triangulations of
Cellular resolutions of monomial modules
We construct a canonical free resolution for arbitrary monomial modules and lattice ideals. This includes monomial ideals and defining ideals of toric varieties, and it generalizes our joint results
Tropical Half-Spaces.
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