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Trophobiosis between a blattellid cockroach

  title={Trophobiosis between a blattellid cockroach},
  author={L. Roth and P. Naskrecki},
  • L. Roth, P. Naskrecki
  • Published 2002
  • Three instances were observed in Costa Rica, of an adult cockroach feeding on or palpating the waxy material secreted on the tegmina of a fulgorid; in one instance, the cockroach was a female Macrophyllodromia sp. and the homopteran a fulgorid, Enchophora sanguinea. In another, the cockroach was Macrophyllodromia maximiliani and the fulgorid was Copidocephala guttata. These are the first observations of trophobiosis in a cockroach. Brief descriptions of known species of Macrophyllodromia, and… CONTINUE READING
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