Trophic states and nutrient storage of reservoirs in Chongqing

  title={Trophic states and nutrient storage of reservoirs in Chongqing},
  author={Sheng Zhang and Chongming Li and Shuming Huang and Jian Zheng},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Geochemistry},
The trophic states of 35 reservoirs were investigated in the region of Chongqing, Southwest China. The results showed that the concentrations of nutrients and chlorophyll a were high and organic pollution and transparence (SD) were low in the water body. The concentrations of total nitrogen (TN) range from 0.52 mg/L to 5.94 mg/L and those of total phosphorus (TP) range from 0.002 mg/L to 0.598 mg/L. Chemical oxygen demand (COD) ranges from 0.75 mg/L to 9.3 mg/L and SD ranges from 0.48 m to 3.2… CONTINUE READING