Trochiscia hamzaoglui (Chlorellales): a new species from Central Anatolia (Turkey).

  title={Trochiscia hamzaoglui (Chlorellales): a new species from Central Anatolia (Turkey).},
  author={Tahir Atıcı},
  journal={American Journal of Plant Sciences},
  • T. Atıcı
  • Published 26 August 2015
  • Biology
  • American Journal of Plant Sciences
A new species, Trochiscia hamzaoglui Atici sp. nova, determined from freshwater habitat, Kesik-k?pru Dam Lake on the Kizilirmak River (Kirsehir, Central Anatolia), and the sample was taken from plankton. This new species was first found in the study of algal samples from the area. Light microscope indicated a clear relationship with the species in the genus Trochiscia. Some of the characteristic features of the new taxon include a spine and an irregular cell wall. A comparison with closely… 
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